Episode 219: Wonderland’s War

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Return to the Dark Tower, Happy City, Emerald Flame and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Wonderland’s War; and

3) Look back at After the Empire.

Show Notes


1:34 – Thank you for the Board Game Geek Nomination!

3:32 – Discord Hangout Reminder May 3rd @ 9pm EST

5:10 – Christina plays games with family

10:34– Old gang gets back together

13:56– Brandon and Robb talk Mistborn

17:51– Kevin plays NES!

22:54– Brandon shares his new found love of Vampire Survivors

26:00– Kevin does Improv…..again


31:00 – Emerald Flame [Buy] – PostCurious; Designer: Rita Orlov; Art: Liiga KlavinaRita Orlov;

40:00 – Return to the Dark Tower [Buy] – Restoration Games; Designer: Tim Burrell-SawardIsaac ChildresNoah CohenRob Daviau + 2 more; Art: JJ AriosaTim Burrell-SawardHakan DinizChad Hoverter, Et.al;

48:33 – Happy City [Buy] – Gamewright; Designer: Toshiki SatoAiru Sato; Art: Makoto Takami;

54:12– Poison [Buy] – Outset Games; Designer: Reiner Knizia; Art: Jessica R. E. BethkeDesign EdgePaul HerbertKugatsuhime + 3 more;


1:01:47Flip Town

1:04:13Dumpster Fire Party

1:08:34– Uprising Curse of the Last Emperor on GameFound

1:11:43– Board Game Publisher Book

1:17:25Agricola 15

1:20:12– Exploding Kittens Netflix Series

1:22:45– DND film gets a name

Wonderland’s War Deep Dive Review

1:26:28S – Rules Gist

In Wonderland’s war designed by Tim and Ben Eisner, Ian Moss, and Manny Trembley published by Druid City and Skybound games, you take on the role of The Red Queen, Alice, The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, or the Jabberwock  to…you know I am not even sure, there is a tea party, there  madness, and there is fighting. Possibly to right the wrong that have befallen Wonderland.

Wonderland’s War is a card drafting, area majority, press your luck, bag builder with asymmetrical player powers. The game is played over 3 rounds and each round is spilt two phases The tea party phase and the war phase. Every player has a bag of starting chips.  Most of the chips will increase your battle strength during the war phase.  Some of these chips will activate certain powers on the cards and you unlock abilities and some of the chips will give you madness.  Madness is bad.  

Now I am going to give you the rules gist, but know there are many exceptions to these rules, as the different characters, allies, and Wonderlandians you play and pick up in the game break these rules into many pieces, curiouser and curiouser.

In the tea party phase you are going around the table and drafting 4 cards (1 at a time in player order).  These cards will give you a bunch of different things like allies, units and wonderlandians which will give you battle strength and special abilities during the war phase. Cards also help you unlock faction abilities, place castles, increase your leader strength, discard madness, gets quests (which are end game scoring) and discard shards. Shards are also bad.  You get those in various ways throughout the game.

In the battle phase, you are fighting over 5 different areas one at a time.  Everyone who has some type of unit in an area will participate in that battle.  Units consist of basic units, certain wonderlandians, and your leader. Players draw chips out of the bag simultaneously and increasing battle strength, activating abilities, and a bunch of other shenanigans.  Draw madness token?  You lose one of your units from the battle.  Lose all your units, you are out of the battle. If you win a battle you can put one of your castles in the area and earn some points. Castles could help with future battles, but are also end game points. 

At the end of 3 rounds, who ever has the most points wins.  Will game make us wish we lost our heads or be content with the knowledge that we are all mad here.  Lets get back to the table and find out what the Pegs think of Wonderland’s war. 

1:28:52 – Review

1:55:15 – Ratings


2:04:22 – After the Empire [Buy] – Grey Fox Games ; Designer: Evan HalbertRyan Mauk; Art: Tyler MyattYaroslav Radetskyi;

Check out our original review for After the Empire during Episode 195.

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