Episode 220: Golem

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Decorum, Now or Never, Zapotec and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Golem; and

3) Look back at Ginkgopolis.

Show Notes

1:15 – Goblin Name Contest Winner announced!!!


6:11 – Brandon misses the next episode

2:27 – Limp Bizkit

9:51 – Kevin does Improv and appears on Petee’s Power Hour

13:17– Unfinished Legacy Games


40:39 – The Artemis Project-Satellites & Commanders* [Buy] -Publisher: Grand Gamers Guild; Designer: Daniel Rocchi; Art: Cristian Romero;

49:32 – Zapotec* [Buy] -Publisher: Board&Dice ; Designer: Fabio Lopiano ; Art: Zbigniew UmgelterAleksander Zawada;

1:01:56 – Decorum* [Buy] – Floodgate Games; Designer: Charlie MackinHarry MackinDrew Tenenbaum; Art: Michael Mateyko ;

1:09:35 – Now or Never [Buy] – PUBLISHER: Red Raven Games; Designer: Ryan Laukat; Art: Ryan Laukat;


1:18:40Wayfarers of the South Tigris

1:21:16Twilight Imperium Roll and Write

1:25:24Game Topper KS

1:30:56Gunslinger: Dark Tower RPG


1:36:01Bag of Chips

REVIEW of Golem

1:41:37 – Rules Breakdown

Golem is designed by Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, & Simone Luciani Art by Francesco Ciampi, Roberto Grasso and published by Cranio Creations. Golem can be played 1-4 players in 90-120 minutes.

In Golem you are taking the role of a scholar focused on creating and managing the clay autonomas, Golems. Golem is played over four rounds in which players can do a lot of things. Like a lot, I don’t even know how to do this rules gist. Best bet is to go watch a playthrough honestly. I’ll do my best here. Players are advancing their knowledge by reading books and learning spells, building their Golems, and creating artifacts. Advancing in these areas will gain players multipliers based on how well they do in those areas to gain points at the end of the game. You get a total of ONLY twelve turns where you are drafting different colored marbles out of the synagogue which dictate which one of the 5 different actions you can take: work, golem, artifact, spells, and mirror) the color of the marble tells the player which student moves ahead on which street. Other than picking two marbles, players can  place their rabbi on an action tile (which vary round to round and also determines the turn order for the next round). As mentioned some actions will cause players, students and golems to move down the streets through three different districts. You want to advance as far as possible since the further you go the better the actions tiles are. Be careful though, because if your Golems are further ahead than your students,  you have to pay knowledge tokens and if you don’t have those; points. Needless to say you will be killing and burying your Golems in this game (that’s okay b/c you get resources when you do). Each player will also have end game objective cards that will give points based on the achieved objective and then additional points for having completed sets of these objective cards.  In short you do actions that give you resources that are in turn used to advance in the different areas to enhance scoring at the end of the game. So let’s head back to the studio to determine if the hosts are real humans or just clay autonomas.

1:43:55 – Review

2:11:27 – Ratings


2:19:22 – Ginkgopolis [Buy] – Publisher: Pearl Games ; Designer: Xavier Georges ; Art: Gaël Lannurien;

Check out our original review for Ginkgopolis during Episode 196.

Gameplay Photos

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One thought to “Episode 220: Golem”

  1. Great episode as always! I do have to ask Brandon, at the risk of a “How dare you?” where did you learn to say the name of one of the most famous rivers in the world…Tigris, with a short “i” like Tigger, Pooh’s friend…it’s actually Tigris with a long “i” sound.

    Anyway, great job, and you’ve once again saved me money on a game 😉


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